Some musings about me...
I make software with:
HTML CSS JavaScript React NodeJS Redux
Things I love:
Squash (the racket game!)
Piano (I wish I had more time for this)
Restaurant Meals
Holidays and Travel

Hey there! Welcome to my site.

Thanks for popping in to say hi. It’s great to have you here.

I’m Alex. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

The Developer me.

I’m a JavaScript guy from top to bottom. I’ve been tinkering with the language since my teens, but programming professional for over 3 years.

It’s great that we’re involved in an ecosystem that is currently evolving so rapidly, even if it can bring about the dreaded ‘JavaScript fatigue’.

I'm currently very interested in React, Redux and the tools surrounding.

I'm a heavy Node.js user and have spent a lot of time building server side and API applications.

The other me.

I love travelling, going places and doing things.

I genuinely believe that as developers we have incredible jobs that give us a huge amount of opportunity; but you’ve got to stand up every now and again and move around!

I’m lucky to live in the north of England where there is an infinite amount of beautiful countryside. You don’t have to travel far here for a nice walking location.

I love snowboarding. It’s something I’m determined to get better at (other people make it look so easy), even if it is relatively difficult to get on a slope when you live in England.

I also have a girlfriend called Vanessa who keeps me busy making sure I make time to do the above.